Fabian Huebner was born in Nuernberg/Germany where he started his creative carreer working for several publishers (books and magazins). By this time he increased his reputation winning several awards in visual design. He established then his designer name FINT.

As FINT he created numerous documentaries, video-installations and music videos. He is working and establishing his own visual โ€žlook & styleโ€œ telling stories. It is a strong balance between a condensed storyline built up with a strong visual and sound experience. He loves the cinema as a place bringing people together. With his movies, the audience should have a fun but aesthetic cinema experience.

In 2017 his first feature film โ€žFonotune: An Electric Fairytaleโ€œ (Starring NBCโ€™s Heroes Kiki Sukezane & Japanese Rockstar Guitar Wolf) was the first collaboration with the producer Sven Schnell and his company san cinema. They both saw that there are good synergies in working together to make a movie happen. Most important there is an understanding what story should be told and how. โ€žFonotune: An Electric Fairytaleโ€œ will be released by RAPID EYE MOVIES in the German cinemas with 30 copies.

Currently FINT is preparing the release of โ€žFonotune: An Electric Fairytaleโ€œ together with a world sales and distributors, as well as writing his next projects โ€žSpitโ€œ and of course โ€žThe Soundโ€œ with Jon Britt.


Spit (tba)
Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale (2016)

FNTNISM (exhibition, 2014)

Sprawl (2012)
Escalator (2008)
AV (2008)

Hi-Fi (audiolith, 2015)
Lo-Fi (audiolith, 2014)
MNHSN (adp, 2010)